Doing what
we love

Artistiq Accessories was born unexpectedly out of desire to create and share my art with others. We are a small business that is run by one person at the moment with the support of family and friends. We love the whole process of running this small shop, especially packing your lovely orders with loads of love and sending them out your way & bringing happiness to your home.

Founder & Designer

Kriste Mat

Since I was a kid, I was always drawing, crafting, building & creating all sorts of things. Just couldn't stand still. And that hasn't changed till this day.
One night at 4 AM I had the most random & sudden idea - turn my illustrations into stickers, prints & t-shirts. And I ordered some of my first stock the very next day and that is how Artistiq Accessories was born.

As a Graphic Designer with a background in Fine Art, I am able to turn my skills into something cute & awesome that people can wear, use or see every day. I strongly believe that sharing art is important and I hope you will find joy in my creations.

- Love, Kriste

“When you love what you do and can turn your hobby into a business - that's a different type of happiness I wish everyone to experience. “

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